May Previews Two

Today we have a radically different set of figures to preview: some single pose civilians. Useful for shopkeeps, clerks, pharmacists and what have you.

Older Fellow-
A kind of tribute figure to my Grandfather, who was a pharmacist.

Ask him and he'll tell you he runs the place single-handed.

Young Clerk-
Cheeky fellow.

Female Clerk-
Always ready to lend a hand.

Friday we'll actually release something.


Vampifan said...

These are just the bee's knees! Totally brilliant. I never thought I'd see the cast of "Open All Hours" as 28mm scale figures. What a delightful set of figures. These have gone straight onto my shopping list. I'm sure a lot of your American customers won't get the connection but I do and I applaud you for producing this range. We'll get you a british citizenship yet, Richard!

Ben Brooks said...

He'd love that I'm sure. :)