Early 2012 Conventions Pt.3

A nice looking VSF game, with some inventive figures...

...but I really love this piece.

A Terminator inspired game.

 And now onto some various games from the Seven Years War Association.

Annnnd, that's all I've got so far. See you later.


Early 2012 Cons Pt. 2

Probably one of the more interesting tables at Little Wars was one just across from us that was deck out in natural materials including real water and tadpoles swimming around it.

Pulp games don't tend to be the highest quality in terms of painting, but there is certainly alot of inventiveness going on. 

WWII was well represented as usual, but these stood out to me.

This is probably the game that got the most buzz from Little Wars. They probably could have left the "all my toys" beach landing at home and still gotten alot of attention for the unique sub-pen below.


Early 2012 Cons Pt. 1

I don't know about you, but at conventions I'm mostly just looking at the terrain.
Here's pics of a couple of early American starforts that were at Little Wars.


New Office

For the first time since we started selling miniatures years ago we have an actual business space. It's a tiny little three room suite on the third floor of an office building, but it serves our purposes well enough. Being able to see at a glance all of our stock is really something. 

This is how things stood Monday afternoon. We're mostly set up now, and soon we'll be able to properly host walk in customers.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures from Little Wars.