Releases November 10th, 2011

New releases for Lead Bones. This time a little bit of an oddity, as
we're dipping our toes into 15mm and small terrain bits.

15mm Hardsuit Squad: Four Poses $8.00 USD
Comparison figure by Rebel Minis.

Alien Pods A: Five Models $4.50 USD

Small Alien Pods A: Four Models $2.80 USD
Comparison figure by Rebel Minis.


Releases November 3rd, 2011

Hello again, today I bring you eight new figures for our
Lead Bones civilians line.
The line up.
Adventurers 01-04: Heroes of the Paranormal
Civilians 09-12: Clerks!

The figures are 28mm in size and $2.50 usd each. Packs are here and singles are here.

Note: Due to attending Rock-Con this weekend we won't be able to ship these until early next week. We'll also be releasing our 15mm Hardsuits next week for those that might want both.