15mm Small Martian Skiff Released

Here we have a 15mm small flier inspired by the John Carter of Mars books perfect for pulp gaming. It's comes in four metal pieces (bottom plate, engine cowl, and two sidewalls) and it's cabin will fit two figures based on U.S. pennies or 3/4" washers; and up to eight 15mm figures unbased. It is priced at $16 USD and can be purchased here.

Here's some overview shots from the product page:

As of this posting we do not have flight stands for it, and if you want to use Litko's 3mm flight stands the peg hole on the bottom will have to be widened a smidge. We are currently working on an accessory pack with crew, a swivel gun, forward firing mounted gun and some cargo. There is also a 28mm version at the casters and should be released soon.

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