Ainsty 20% Off Sale

Until November 12th we're running a sale on Ainsty Castings products (including Aggro Miniatures) at about 20% Off on everything. All kinds of fantasy, sci-fi, and modern resin terrain pieces are too be had. So swing on by and have a gander.

Anything from Ainsty we don't have can be ordered,
but it will take a few weeks to ship from England.

If Hammers Slammers is your bag, we've got the 15mm GZG line to go with them.

And just in case you haven't been around since last time I updated the blog, we've lowered prices on Tiger Miniatures pretty much across the board, and have added O8's 15mm line along with Proxie Models plastic bases and terrain. We're also clearing out several lines in preparation for next year, so fill your bucket.

Recreational Conflict will be at Fall-In next week so let us know if there's something you'd like to pick up.


Hydra Sale, Clearance, and New Stuff

 Unfortunately Hydra Miniatures hasn't been doing well for us over the last year and we need to free up some cash for sculpting projects, so we're offering 30% off on our remaining stock. We love Matt's figures though and we'll be looking into carrying his stuff again when he releases his next rule book.

In related news I've put up a new Clearance section to house all the oddments we're wanting to sell off. Stuff that we could only sell at conventions, old lines we still have bits and pieces of, and so on. Right now we have the last bits of Ramshackle, and coming soon will be Rebel Minis moderns and Romans, as well as Splintered Light Ancients, Bronze Age, Cannon Fodder, and some 28mm naval guns and accessories.

Speaking of which new Tiger Miniatures naval equipment and mounties are up along with most of the remaining painted terrain I hadn't put up yet. Also new is our buying back into Wargames Factory with it's new management, expect individual frames and Dreamforge Games to be put up in the near future.

Thanks for your interest and hope to see you at CincyCon.


Catching up in December

A bit of time without a post, just a bit to catch up on what we've been doing.

I should start off by mentioning that the 20% off sale on Tiger, Trent, and Hydra is continuing until the 1st of January so please indulge.

We've started carrying Wargames Factory plastics and are eyeing Dreamforge Games's sci-fi plastics for early next year since WF will be distributing for them. In addition we are carrying Oddzial Osmy's 15mm sci-fi figures and the 3mm ACW and Napoleonic lines thanks to Pico Armor (their American distributors) being really nice to work with. Also new are additional codes for Ainsty Casting scenic resin bits with cemetery bits, statuary, and the start of their dungeon codes.

Plus I'll be catching up on new releases from Hydra, Tiger, and getting our stock of Acheson Creations resin scenery online most likely after the holidays. And remember, if any of these companies have something you want that we don't have online just ask us, we don't mind special orders at all.

Mostly my time at work has been taken up painting terrain and figures for sale. We've mostly got Rebel Minis 15mm modern stuff, and a bunch of Acheson and Ainsty bits and pieces put up with more coming.

Including worms; these have been pretty popular at shows. We'll be adding these unpainted in the future, but for now we've got a few painted up with this guy as the prototype.

Anyway, thanks for a good year and have a happy holiday.


November Sale and Fall-In News

Sorry to anyone put out, but we will not be attending Fall-In this year due to fall out from Hurricane Sandy.  However we have decided to open up the discount we were intending to have at the show to our online customers and potential customers. (hint, hint)

We're making all of our Tiger Miniatures, Trent Miniatures, and Hydra Miniatures 20% off through the end of November with a flat shipping rate of $5.00 in the United States. Tiger's Landsknechts and Dutch Colonials are 30%, and we have other sales going including a closeout on remaining Ramshackle Games things and Secret Weapon paints. Check it out.

So please stock up and help us get in new stuff and have new sculpts made. It's unlikely we're going to have a sale like this again anytime soon.