Stock Painting December 9th, 2011

Been too long since I last did one of these, but I hope to get these out more regularly now that convention season is over for the year. So here we have a pair of sabertooth cats from Trent's DeeZee line.

Trent DZ013 $6.00 USD

Trent DZ014 $6.00 USD

These two are available here.

I've also put up a new item in our painted terrain section: A set of 28mm Roman tents from Acheson Creations. The camp set includes one large Roman officer's tent and four smaller troop tents for $75.00 USD. These would make for a nice centerpiece set-up for an ancients skirmish game, or maybe as a base camp for an archaeological expedition for you pulp guys.

I've put up the dimensions for the tents and their bases along with larger pics on the painted terrain page in the webstore here.

Shown with a Copplestone Castings Future Wars figure for scale.

I've got some 15mm buildings from Timecast coming up next week, as well as more bits and pieces from Acheson. Lots more to put up for painted terrain if you're interested in that kinda thing. :)

Thanks for visiting.


Releases November 10th, 2011

New releases for Lead Bones. This time a little bit of an oddity, as
we're dipping our toes into 15mm and small terrain bits.

15mm Hardsuit Squad: Four Poses $8.00 USD
Comparison figure by Rebel Minis.

Alien Pods A: Five Models $4.50 USD

Small Alien Pods A: Four Models $2.80 USD
Comparison figure by Rebel Minis.


Releases November 3rd, 2011

Hello again, today I bring you eight new figures for our
Lead Bones civilians line.
The line up.
Adventurers 01-04: Heroes of the Paranormal
Civilians 09-12: Clerks!

The figures are 28mm in size and $2.50 usd each. Packs are here and singles are here.

Note: Due to attending Rock-Con this weekend we won't be able to ship these until early next week. We'll also be releasing our 15mm Hardsuits next week for those that might want both.


Fall In

Hello again, we've finished packing for Fall-In and will be heading out tomorrow bringing as much as we can. And hey, remember these guys:

They've finally made it through the casting process and will be available at the show as well as some the first 15mm hardsuits and some alien eggs. I'll see about posting some painted pics if Wi-fi permits as the show goes on.


Releases October 17th, 2011

Unfortunately no pics for these as of this writing, but I've added a quite a few new items to the webstore:

GAFDOZ Scenario Pack 1: The Dragon Men of Hydrus $25 usd

RN011 HC Lancers in Casabet (6 models) $30 usd
RN012 Stradiot/Finetes w/Heart Shaped Shield (6 models) $30 usd
RN013 HI Pike at Ease w/ Sallets and Helmets (20 models) $36 usd
RN013 w/ steel pikes $39 usd
RN017 Lance/Spear in Skull caps (6 models) $30 usd
RN20 Mounted Officer and Standard in Morion (2 models) $10 usd

Elevated Sci-fi Hatch $2 usd
Ruins (4 corners) $12 usd
Large Cauldron $8 usd
Alien Statue $8 usd
Lava Base 40mm Square $4 usd
Ruin Base 40mm Square $5 usd
Ruin Base 50mm Square $6 usd

Slimeoid Grumpy $5 usd
Slimeoid Grumpy Clear Blue Resin $5 usd
Repairbot $1 usd
Nolek $3 usd
Cargobot $6 usd

And for those of you looking for appropriate figures for the holiday season our Lead Bones Santa with shotgun and zombie elves set is now only seven dollars. Finally, we'll be blowing out our remaining Ramshackle Games stock at Fall-In, Command Con, and Rock-Con for those of you who'll be at those shows.


Off to Southern Front

Again, sorry about the lack of posts. We're about to head out to the last of three conventions in a row. Lots of stuff to put up when we get back though:

Hydra Valkeeri

Frozen Planet terrain and retro robots

Painted terrain and figures (assuming they don't sell here)

and some previews of new sculpts of our own


Stock Painting August 25th, 2011

Here we have the first actual display model for Trent; DZ10 Cave Bear Rearing.
One of three cave bear poses in the range.

It's about 65mm tall and if standing normally would be about
25mm to the top of the shoulder.

It and the other Trent prehistorics can be found here:


No new posts.

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, our camera's battery charger seems to have disappeared. It should be dealt with soon.


Painted Terrain

I've started putting up painted terrain items in the web store. The first offering is
ex-Rolling Plains North Africa/Middle East buildings. (Now being sold by I-94)
I only have one of each right now, but more can be done if necessary.

I plan on putting up new items every few days over the next few weeks, so check back often.

More pics of individual buildings on the painted terrain page here.


News August 3rd, 2011

Not much of a release really, but we have a number of Tiger's new Renaissance Landsknechts line in the webstore here. I'm waiting to get them painted until I do the real announcement.

Also Tiger's Afghan Regulars (NWF04 and up) and possibly the Dutch Colonials will be discontinued. If you're interested in either you might want to get some now.

The main news item though is that due to some restructuring over at Ramshackle Games we can no longer get wholesale prices on his products. This means we'd have to raise prices and with sales already slow we've decided to stop carrying Ramshackle's vehicles and figures. Nothing against Curtis or his product (we wouldn't have started carrying it if we didn't like it) it's just no longer really economically feasible to continue.

So as of right now all Ramshackle stock in the webstore is on sale at up to 30% off until it's all sold off.


Stock Painting July 27th, 2011

For a change, here's some Hydra Miniatures fresh in for the webstore.
Cadet Skippy $3.75 USD

Slishians $10.95 USD (3 Pack) Singles $4.00 USD ea
Changing the shape of the pupil on these guys really changes their feel.

Slishians Gunners $12.95 USD (3 Pack) Singles $4.75 USD ea

From the side to show the gun.

You can find them here.


Preview: Hobbit House (15mm)

"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort." -JRR Tolkien The Hobbit

Okay, this is something I've been working with on and off for a bit. It started out as something else, but turned out to be too small for a regular 15mm figure. :)
Widest point (fireplace to door): 55mm Dome Width: 45mm Height: 25mm
Comparison with a Splintered Light Irish spearman and a
GW LoTR Bilbo Baggins.
There's some problems the photos are showing me that I want to fix, and the bottom edge of it is going to be squared off. I was also thinking about putting a ring of stone or brick around the bottom of the dome. There are probably going to be some variants, accessories, and such to go with it and a 28mm version down the road.

There's definitely no chance to have an interior space with this model, so what do you guys think of a seperate piece to stand in for the interior space with low walls and some furniture? Like a hobbity Space Hulk or something?

Let me know what you think. Especially about future additions to a fantasy scenery line.

Stock Painting July 19th, 2011

Another one from Ramshackle, this time the Badger. It is probably the closest
Ramshackle comes to a general purpose military vehicle.

Shown here giving shelter to some of my Vor Union figures.
The Badger can be found in our webstore here.


Stock Painting July 12th, 2011

Been a little longer than I wanted since the last one of these, so here's a big one.

The Stinger, painted to help promote Nuclear Renaissance's
boxed set. We're out of stock for this now unfortunately.

Ramstoat, also for the Nuclear Renaissance boxed set.

Lastly the Iron Grumber. Fresh painted this weekend.
Here with an old GW Ork for comparison.
My first thought was to go Blood Axe for the color scheme,
but nothing leapt to mind so Goff it was. :)
It's bigger than a GW Rhino for sure.
My only problems with the kit are that it just has one
access hatch and the smokestacks are really fragile.
Remnants of our stock can be found here.
(The Brass Coffin is out of stock as of this writing.)


Skiff Passenger Compartment Size

Thanks for the support guys. We're hoping sales of the skiff are good as I'd like to produce alot more flyers and figures in this vein.

For a question on TMP I just checked it with several sized slotta bases and none of them can fit side by side. You need a base size about 15mm or 5/8s of an inch to do that.

For 25mm and 30mm bases you can fit three figures in the passenger compartment with one standing on the lockers in back. With 20mm bases you can fit four guys with the last one's base right at the edge.

From our preview blogpost: "Body dimensions are 185mm spar to end of railings and 50mm wide. Passenger compartment is 80mm by 35mm."

Releases July 5th, 2011

The 28mm Martian Skiff is now available in the webstore for $20 USD.
We are also offering assembled and primer coated vehicles for $25 USD
in black and white.

Front and control console.
Side and bottom.
A comparison shot with the 15mm version of the skiff.
We now have Secret Weapon's washes and pigments.
20 different washes at $2.99 USD each 20ml bottle.
22 different pigments at $4.99 USD each 20ml container.
Check out the Martian Skiff Here
Check out the Secret Weapon washes and pigments

And don't forget to check out the other cool things we have in our webstore.
Have fun.


28mm Sci-fi Skiff Display Workup

I was going to put up a store update today, but late last night we found we had a couple of packages still sitting on the front porch. One of which was the 28mm version of the skiff! This post includes the build of the display model, some comparisons, and a word on cast quality.

Here are the components; each kit includes two railings, a
control stick, chair, body, and engine cowling.
Body dimensions are 185mm spar to end of railings and 50mm wide.
Passenger compartment is 80mm by 35mm.

I'll come back to this again, but you'll notice some filled in areas. My
policy is to take the worst cast items to fix up and paint for display.
Casts we send to customers will be of better quality.

On to the assembly. Glue the joystick to the cowling console,
and then glue the cowling to the body. Easy enough.

The fiddliest bit is glueing the railings on. The holes on either
side of the console were where you plugged the old resin
railings into the cowling so just ignore them.
Also make sure the railings are straight before you glue them on.
They are robust enough once glued in, but being thin can be bent
easily unsupported.

You can glue the chair in at this point. However, I'd suggest leaving
it off for painting if you want to use it. (It's intended primarily as a
rest for standing pilots.)

Here is a comparison shot with some popular Martian lines.
From left to right: Parroom Station, Bronze Age, and RAFM Space 1889.
The skiff is designed to reasonably carry light cargo or up to six passengers.
It will only hold two or three figures on 25-30mm bases however.

Finally a note about casting quality. The picture below represents
the worst quality we'll be sending out.
Imperfections in this batch of castings are minor and almost
entirely on the underside of the body. Most will be easily taken
care of with a drop of glue or a good coat of paint. We just
wanted to be upfront with this as I know it will be an issue for
some people.

Thanks for looking. The skiff will be available this Tuesday for a price of $20 USD. We will also be offering and assembled and primed versions for $25 USD in either black or white.