War Rocket Demo Fleets

Wednesday night of last week I threw these fleets together for display and demoing Hydra Miniature's War Rocket game at Rock-Con and Fall-In. I don't know how much they helped, but it was a really pleasant surprise how much War Rocket stuff we sold at Rock-Con.

The demos we run at the tables use this size of fleet: A class two and three class ones. Not a big game by any stretch of the imagination, but it gives people a feel for movement and the game's combat and initiative mechanics.

I'm showing the engines in most of these pics to show you an idea I had during the painting. Namely that painting the engine glow a color the opposite or near opposite on the color wheel of the main hull color helps the rear of the ship really pop.

I decided to leave the engines of the Zenithians a pure black though, the orange working much nicer on the bridges of the ships.

After Fall-In I'll come back and give final touch ups to the demo fleets. For the Zenithians this will include a gloss varnish over the cockpits and dirtying up the hulls some more. I like the idea of the aliens having dirty/crusty hulls and gleaming weapons and propeller rings.

The Valkeeri designs I didn't really like when I first saw them. However, now that I've painted some though they're really starting to grow on me. I like the way they maneuver in the game as well; while they can forget about complicated turns they can do fun things the Imperials and Galacteers can't.

Again you can see that using opposing colors for engine glow really make the back of this Class 3 pop.

The painting of the Galacteers and Imperials basically involved a couple watered down coats of Games Workshop's Foundation paints followed by a Vallejo wash. For the Imperials it was mostly a glaze to get the metallic gold areas working, (even with a couple of coats the gold I use tends to be pale) and painted the red hull areas over again to even out the color. However I left much of the surface area of the Galacteer ships with the raw results of the wash to leave them feeling a bit grimy and used, especially the Class 3.

The ships (and my paint jobs :) ) have gotten pretty universal compliments as I think they should. It is a very nice range and works pretty well even with a simple two tone paint job.

Dead Bronto

Here's Acheson Creation's Dead Sauropod from their Primaeval Designs line, showed in this pic with some of dad's Copplestone Castings dinosaurs for scale. The bronto is roughly eight to nine inches long and consequently somewhat difficult to take pictures of in detail.

However there is some very nice detail to see on this model. I'm pretty happy with how it came out (though I think it'd work better with a satin gloss on the bloody parts) and will be doing more for sale in the future. This one got snapped up at Rock-con.


Welcoming Toemerica Games

Today we are welcoming Toemerica Games to our lineup. Another little startup with something neat to offer; a miniature line called Workforce Heroes. The 'average joe' as militia, revolutionary, or just getting the job done. There's just the one model at present with choice of big spanner or shotgun, but we hope to help him get more out there soon.

Price of one fig $4.25 USD, set of five for $20. They'll go up on the online store as soon as we get back from Rock-Con.


Ramshackle Games Boring Machine

Here's a pair of boring machines I painted up for sale. They paint fast and look pretty good I think. Might be a good alternative to drop pods for 40k. Unpainted they go for $22 USD, haven't decided on a price for these though.

If you'd like to talk to me about owning one of these send me an email, we ship anywhere at cost.

Painted Santa Sets In!

We've been a little busy getting ready for two shows in a row; Rock-Con and Fall-In. However we're happy to announce we've got the Santa's ready to go and have pics of the pre-painted ones above. They'll be priced at $18 a set ($10 a set unpainted) and should be just the thing for some Holiday horror themed gaming.

Check em' out here.

Also, between now and the show(s) I intend to post some pics of other painted stuff we'll have for sale, including a couple of Ramshackle Games Boring Machines and an Acheson Creations Dead Sauropod I just finished today. It's a monster, and I think I'm going to have problems taking good pics of it.

And speaking of conventions, if you're GMing a modern horror (re: zombie) game at either of the aforementioned upcoming conventions send me an email at wolfgangbrooks at gmail and we'll see if we can get you some prize support for your game.


Holiday Special

Coming out this week: Shotgun Santa and the zombie elves. Is he their master or their prey?

28mm set of 3 figures for $10 USD. Sculpted by Brad Shier.

We've had 100 sets of these printed for this holiday season, and when they're gone they're gone... until next year. Then they might be joined by something new, holiday themed, and maybe sci-fi or fantasyish. We haven't put alot of thought into what next year's bit might be.

Out of those 100 sets we're making up 10 prepainted sets. Price to be determined.