Vampifan's Reviews

Blogger and miniatures game enthusiast Vampifan has a nice and active blog about Zombie gaming and entertainment. Several times he's posted fair reviews and painted pics of our figures so with his go ahead I thought I'd make a 'highlight reel' relevant to us. Please do check out the rest of his blog though, it's a good one for modern horror fans.

Thanks Vampifan.


Something Arrives From Britain

As you might know we've become a stockist for Ainsty Castings in the US. They carry a wide variety of terrain from scatter terrain, and vehicles, to big modular pieces for buildings and dungeons of a similar type to Dwarven Forge's offerings. They produce so much in fact that we can't really afford to bring it all over at once. So with Ainsty's recommendations we're bringing over a selection of just over one hundred of his best sellers to start with.

This starter wave will arrive in three shipments over the next month or so, the first of which can be seen here in the webstore. Please take a look at what's available and what's coming soon. If you have anything you really want from Ainsty that's not available yet or won't be in the first wave, please feel free to let us know and we'll work something out.

Here's to a busy New Year.


Stop The Presses!!!

Alrighty, I just spent the last six or so hours putting together the Ainsty Castings pages for the webstore. I'mma go to bed now, but later today I'll be back and post a little bit more about it.

Just wanted to let you know the first part of the first wave is up, so please take a look around. We have high hopes for this line. :)

See you later.

PS: Oops, don't use the up to index link at the top of the Ainsty pages, it doesn't currently go anywhere. Just use your browser's back button. Sorry about that.


Stock Painting January 16th, 2012

I've been working on a number of Frozen Planet pieces lately, more of which
I'll be posting later in the week. No idea why the pics are so outsized.
Alien Statue


Both of these can be found here.

Plus I've added a couple more painted terrain pieces to the webstore.
Well I guess a giant worm isn't really terrain, but it's big enough to count.

And finally a pair of identical wooden bridges which, along with the
worm, come from Acheson Creations.

These can be found here.


Trent Miniatures Update

Trent Miniature's lines have been updated in our website with more pictures
and items bringing us up to date with what we have available. If your memory
needs refreshing here's some of what Trent offers:

Early Napoleonics


We still don't have everything and could use more and better pics, but it's a
nice start.



So, Ainsty has decided that they're looking for stockists and distributers over here in the States, and we're looking to throw our hat into this particular ring.

For those who don't know Ainsty produces a large number of pretty neat resin terrain items. Such a large number in fact that it's kind of impossible for us to carry it all at first. Our initial thought is to focus on their modern and sci-fi lines (or whatever they tell us is their best seller :) ).

Of course we want to serve our customers as best we can, so we'd like to ask the Amerikaners in the audience what they'd like to see brought over. I'll be checking this post every so often so please feel free to drop us a line whenever.

More Terrain- January 3rd, 2012

Holiday's and horrible holiday illnesses are over and it's a new year
for whatever that's worth, so here's some new painted terrain for sale.

Time Cast 15mm southeast asia shanty town.
Good for any run-down area though.

Manor House ruined square tower.

Time Cast 10mm Mediterranean house.
Time Cast 6mm industrial shed.

Plus there's a 6mm shot up truck convoy, a 15mm Bavarian Tavern, and another Italian house newly added to the webstore here. Let us know what you think.

Our modeling miniatures are from Copplestone Castings and Rebel Minis.