Catching up in December

A bit of time without a post, just a bit to catch up on what we've been doing.

I should start off by mentioning that the 20% off sale on Tiger, Trent, and Hydra is continuing until the 1st of January so please indulge.

We've started carrying Wargames Factory plastics and are eyeing Dreamforge Games's sci-fi plastics for early next year since WF will be distributing for them. In addition we are carrying Oddzial Osmy's 15mm sci-fi figures and the 3mm ACW and Napoleonic lines thanks to Pico Armor (their American distributors) being really nice to work with. Also new are additional codes for Ainsty Casting scenic resin bits with cemetery bits, statuary, and the start of their dungeon codes.

Plus I'll be catching up on new releases from Hydra, Tiger, and getting our stock of Acheson Creations resin scenery online most likely after the holidays. And remember, if any of these companies have something you want that we don't have online just ask us, we don't mind special orders at all.

Mostly my time at work has been taken up painting terrain and figures for sale. We've mostly got Rebel Minis 15mm modern stuff, and a bunch of Acheson and Ainsty bits and pieces put up with more coming.

Including worms; these have been pretty popular at shows. We'll be adding these unpainted in the future, but for now we've got a few painted up with this guy as the prototype.

Anyway, thanks for a good year and have a happy holiday.


November Sale and Fall-In News

Sorry to anyone put out, but we will not be attending Fall-In this year due to fall out from Hurricane Sandy.  However we have decided to open up the discount we were intending to have at the show to our online customers and potential customers. (hint, hint)

We're making all of our Tiger Miniatures, Trent Miniatures, and Hydra Miniatures 20% off through the end of November with a flat shipping rate of $5.00 in the United States. Tiger's Landsknechts and Dutch Colonials are 30%, and we have other sales going including a closeout on remaining Ramshackle Games things and Secret Weapon paints. Check it out.

So please stock up and help us get in new stuff and have new sculpts made. It's unlikely we're going to have a sale like this again anytime soon.



Afghan Regular Army Commission

So this is what I did for most of September:

It's an army of Tiger's Afghan regulars with some Pathan tribesmen backup.

Total: Two units of twelve cavalry, six units of twenty five regular infantry,
four mounted officers, and four units of twenty tribesmen. 

I might put up more pics later, but these were my favorites of the ones I took.
As always, let me know what you think. Tomorrow some con pics.


Rock-Con This Weekend

Sorry for the long silence, there's been alot of work over here on a large painting commission. Pics of that, Southern Front, and Rock-Con when we get back next week. In the meantime check out the front page of Recreationalconflict.com for our recent releases.


Week of August 31st, 2012

This week we've got some nice painted bits and a couple of books. I've also added pictures for all of our Woodland Scenics stocks. (Which we have at 30% off btw.)

15mm Rebel Minis African Military @ $2.00 USD a piece.

15mm Rebel Minis African Militia @ $2.00 USD a piece.

15mm Forged In Battle Opel Blitz Trucks @ $10 USD a piece.

These can all be found on our new Painted Figures page.
If you need some fortifications, check out our Painted Terrain
page for these items:

 Acheson Creations Roman Fort, an eight section set suitable
for 28mm and 40mm figures for $200 USD a set.
(Measurements on the website.)

Acheson Creations Log Stockade Kit; a complete enclosure
for 28mm at $50 USD a set.

The Balkan War 1912-1913 (160 pgs)
A pretty useful Osprey Style guide to
the conflicts that helped kickstart WWI.
$32 USD

The Balkan Wars, 1912-1913 (10 pgs)
Our own brief overview of the Balkan
Wars and it's armies.
$5 USD

These reference books can be found filed in our Rulebooks section for now.

That's it for today, have a good weekend.


Stock Painting 08/17

Just a collection of new pics for old items I've done over the last couple of weeks.

 Trent IT01 Armed Italian Civilians.

Ainsty 5338 Swivel Chairs (you're so excited) 

Frozen Planet Orc Idol 

Frozen Planet Nolek 

Frozen Planet Security Bots



Stock Painting 08/09/2012

Moar zombeh.

Didn't get a chance to finish the last two today, they'll be up Friday as we won't be opening the store today. We're going on a day trip. :)

Zomb02- Skewered Vicar 

Zomb03- She Was the Sheriff 

Zomb06- Sister Mary 

Zomb07- Altar Boy 

Zomb08- Thin Lizzie

The models are already available in the webstore, just not with these pics next to them.
$2.50 USD each, or $36 USD for all sixteen in the Crate o' Zombies.

Have a nice day.

Releases 08/09/2012

We've put up Tiger's figures for the American and Commonwealth troops of the 1919 Siberian Expedition. Trent's lines have also been updated so we're caught up on all items currently available from them. Prices on Trent are also changing, many $14 USD items are now $15 and $7.50 USD items are now $8.50.

Unfortunately we only had stock pics to work with for Trent so alot of items don't have pictures. While we're working on that, please let us know if there's anything in particular you need pics for.

GNB04- Lewis Gun Team from Tiger 

IR98/11a Irish Yeomanry w/ Braid Coat from Trent


Stock Painting 8/07

These will be up in the webstore tomorrow replacing the current pics, and the remainder of Lead Bone's sixteen zombies should be up by Thursday. There'll be front and back views like with zomb05 down there on the webstore for those that like that kind of thing.

Hydra: Slishian Spawnlings 

 Lead Bones: Zomb 05 Sharkbait
His surfboard's gone awol, new pic when I find it. :)

Zomb 09-12 Hospital Patients 

Zomb 13-16 Hospital Staff


Hydra Release August 1st

The release we've been building up to is upon us and now the Robot Legion reinforcements and Space Pirates are available. Check 'em out.



Final Hydra Preview

Robot Queen Mechanika 

Space Pirate Class Three

Just a little longer now, have a good weekend.


Hydra Preview: War Rocket Space Pirate Class 4

I wanted to get both of these new Pirate classes done by today, but it wasn't to be. However this one is pretty neat, and at about 95mm I think it might be longest ship in the game so far.

The rules for pirate fleets have magically appeared on Hydra's website when I wasn't looking. They look good and even allow pirate fleets to be entirely composed of models from other factions!

Oh, and the projected release date for all this stuff seems to be early next week if everything goes well.


Robot Legion Preview

Today is Hydra's Optio, a frontline command model for the Robot Legion. He'll be available as a single as well as part of a new command squad pack including him, three random Legionnaires, and a heavy support Legionnaire.

Tomorrow... maybe some pirates?


Hydra Preview

As some of you might know Hydra Miniatures is having a big release pretty soon. I can't say exactly when but I can show you a few things. Today is Primal Dawn's Ugg Spearmen, this is an old pack that has made a three pack with two new poses.

I'm trying to get everything new painted for the release. Tomorrow should be some Robot Legion.

Let me know what you think.


More Montenegrins

Added BWM005 Montenegrin Irregulars with command.

BWM001 and BWM002 have also had their contents changed, all of the kneeling poses the two packs previously had have been placed in BWM002.


Retro Sci-Fi Commission Part Four

Last post and the remaining contents of the second big deal.

Killer B Protectorate Guard

Kappa Guard and Prince Unukas

Ramshackle Plants:

Killer B Captain Gamma and Jek Starkiller:

Unrelated display model for GAFDOZ:

Retro Sci-Fi Commission Part Three

The first big deal, mostly Hydra. Pictures are perhaps a bit too light.


Robot Legion:



Lead Bones Skiffs: