Some Painted Trent Characters

From a painting commission we got at Southern Front. We're going to use these for the webstore, and get more painted pictures for our examples in the future. I'm going to try and have one or two done every other day for a bit.

MCP01 General Brune
MCP03 Napoleon, First Consul

You can find them here: http://recreationalconflict.lusagi.com/trentearlynap.html


Releases June 26th, 2011

We've finally gotten in a restock of our 28mm Hardsuit in metal.
$10 USD for each multipart kit or a unit of 5 for $45 USD.
They do not currently come with bases.
We also have new retro sci-fi terrain bits from Frozen Planet.
The two doors are available with the door and frame separate
and as single piece castings.

Retro Sci-fi Door 01
$3 USD each.
Reverse side is flat.
Retro Sci-fi Door 02
$3 USD each.
Reverse side is flat.
Retro Sci-fi Hatch
$1.50 USD each.
Retro Sci-fi Buttress
$3 USD each.
Slimeoid in regular or clear blue resin.
$6 USD each.
The Hardsuit is available to order here.
Frozen Planet's terrain pieces are available on this page.
We also have plastic bases from Cavalcade Wargames available here.

And don't forget to take a look at all the other cool stuff we have in our online store.

Have fun.


Little Wars 2011 Game Pics

15mm Rorke's Drift.
ACW Skirmish on the river's edge.

Nice looking Alamo game using a few hundred 54mm
plastic figures.

A couple of French and Indian War games with nice


Cold Wars 2011 Game Pics

And now some game pics. I usually just take pics of stuff that catches my eye, and I admit after going to these shows for years I'm kinda jaded. If you guys would like me to take pics of more games in the future let me know.

What looks like da Vinci wars mixed with the American
Civil War.
French and Indian War fort in 40 or 54mm.
Roman siege game.
WWII Berlin in 28mm.

Stalingrad in 15mm.
It was made of very simple and simply painted bits
that looked pretty good en masse.

Cold Wars 2011 Vendor/Stuff Pics

For the next couple of days we'll have some belated picture posts from a few of the conventions we've been to this year. Today is Cold Wars.

The booth as you come down the aisle from the vendor barn entrance.
In the center is Hydra Miniatures, on the right is Trent Miniatures.
From left to right: Ramshackle and sci-fi displays, Vallejo paints, rules
and some of my painted terrain and stuff.
The Tiger displays.
Something I found in the flea market. I really like the
looks of hex terrain though I never use it.
It was made by Scott Calkins who has a sideline making
terrain. He does some nice work. So if you need something
like that contact him: muzzlepaint at yahoo dot com
And the two bases together.
Something else neat. Apparently it's a kit from a company in
England that the seller couldn't remember. (of course :) ) If
it's yours let us know.