Little Wars Sales

For those of you going to Little Wars this weekend in Illinois we'll be offering a couple of sales going on.

Hydra Miniatures line of 6mm pulp rocketships and 28mm pulp sci-fi will be 25% off at the show.

Our own Lead Bones line of 28mm modern horror and sci-fi will be 30% off.

We'll also be testing Killer B's Geezers line of 28mm modern police drama figures as themed packs at a new lower price.

There might be some more sales on the webstore when we get back for those that can't make it, we'll see.


Tiger German Colonial and Arab Commission

Here's a Colonial German artillery piece and crew done for a midwestern regular and some Pathans done up as generic arabs for his friend. Colors on the gun and limber are guesses based on available information. They look good I think, and that's what the customer wants. :)

Limbered up.

In action.

Class Photo.

Arabs in action.

Firing poses.

Non-firing poses.


Speaking of Commissions

We don't even have a proper storefront yet, and we already have a local
regular who likes Trent Napoleonics and painted buildings. Here's the ones
we sent out the door last visit. Mostly JR Miniatures and Hovels buildings.

Thanks for looking.

Skiff Commission

A prospective customer wanted to know if he could get some of our 28mm skiffs
done up like our demo model but in blue trim, and here's the result.

We can take painting commissions on our all
our merch if required.


Painted Earthworks

I just uploaded a small number of new painted terrain bits, mostly gabion based
earthworks from Acheson Creations. These are all to be considered Regular
Stock items, so they'll be restocked on a regular basis. The current numbers
represent survivors of the 7 Years War Association convention, and I have
more of everything reordered should you need it.

28mm Gabion Artillery Position
$15.00 USD ea.

15mm Gabion Artillery Position
$8.00 USD ea.

28mm Starfort Artillery Position
$15.00 USD ea.

28mm Gabion Corner Section
$2.00 USD ea.

28mm Gabion Line Section
$2.00 USD ea.

Today's selections can be found here. Have a good day.

April Ainsty

Alright, we've gotten what seems like a stable stock of Ainsty Castings and just about everything is now up in the webstore. Have a look.