Final Hydra Preview

Robot Queen Mechanika 

Space Pirate Class Three

Just a little longer now, have a good weekend.


Hydra Preview: War Rocket Space Pirate Class 4

I wanted to get both of these new Pirate classes done by today, but it wasn't to be. However this one is pretty neat, and at about 95mm I think it might be longest ship in the game so far.

The rules for pirate fleets have magically appeared on Hydra's website when I wasn't looking. They look good and even allow pirate fleets to be entirely composed of models from other factions!

Oh, and the projected release date for all this stuff seems to be early next week if everything goes well.


Robot Legion Preview

Today is Hydra's Optio, a frontline command model for the Robot Legion. He'll be available as a single as well as part of a new command squad pack including him, three random Legionnaires, and a heavy support Legionnaire.

Tomorrow... maybe some pirates?


Hydra Preview

As some of you might know Hydra Miniatures is having a big release pretty soon. I can't say exactly when but I can show you a few things. Today is Primal Dawn's Ugg Spearmen, this is an old pack that has made a three pack with two new poses.

I'm trying to get everything new painted for the release. Tomorrow should be some Robot Legion.

Let me know what you think.


More Montenegrins

Added BWM005 Montenegrin Irregulars with command.

BWM001 and BWM002 have also had their contents changed, all of the kneeling poses the two packs previously had have been placed in BWM002.


Retro Sci-Fi Commission Part Four

Last post and the remaining contents of the second big deal.

Killer B Protectorate Guard

Kappa Guard and Prince Unukas

Ramshackle Plants:

Killer B Captain Gamma and Jek Starkiller:

Unrelated display model for GAFDOZ:

Retro Sci-Fi Commission Part Three

The first big deal, mostly Hydra. Pictures are perhaps a bit too light.


Robot Legion:



Lead Bones Skiffs:


Retro Sci-fi Commission Part Two

Finished the Frozen Planet stuff. I'll make maybe two more posts on this commission with pics of smaller groups of figs starting tomorrow.

Throne Room 

Death Ray Battery 


Close up of the throne room screen.

Retro Sci-fi Commission Part One

Part of the reason I haven't been posting as much as I should the last few months is that I've had some rather large painting commissions (with the largest still to be well and truly started) as well as trying to get a number of display pieces up. So here's some of what I've been doing, all part of one customer's commissions. (also check out this blog entry as it's also part of the ongoing deal)

Lead Bones skiffs, and lots of stuff from Hydra. 

Killer B, some Frozen Planet terrain, and Ramshackle plants.
Oh, and the eggs are Lead Bones.

There's more Frozen Planet stuff coming from the second lot over the weekend. Let me know if you'd like to see more pics of smaller groups.

Contact me at the Wolfgang address on this page if you want some work done.


July 20th Releases

Today we've got four packs of Tiger's 28mm "Ice Station Lima" range of cold weather themed figures. Works well with his Great White North range, and the British and American forces from the Siberian Expedition range I'll be putting up later in the week.

ICE-03 Troopers In Furs 

ICE-04 Troopers in Skins 

ICE-07 Recon Team/ Special Forces

ICE-08 Archaeologists/ Scientists

Each pack of four figures can be had for $10 USD and can be found here.


July 14 Releases

Check it out:
Five packs of Balkans War Montenegrins in 28mm.
Restock on Lledo cars with several new models for 15/20mm and 28mm.
Lots and lots of discount Woodland Scenics codes. Limited availability.

Horse Engine!!!

Tiger Montenegrins

Had a request for pics of these. They're not up on the website just yet.
I'll let you guys know when they are of course. :)

 BWM001- Montenegrin Infantry

  BWM002- Montenegrin Infantry Firing

  BWM003- Montenegrin Infantry Command

 BWM004- Montenegrin Irregulars In
Traditional Dress

 BWM008- Montenegrin Mountain Gun
And Crew


Ainsty Display Models

Don't know if anyone noticed, but over the last couple of days I've been changing out old Ainsty pics for ones of our own display models. Here's a little compilation, with more coming soonish.

 3707 Trade Goods G Barrels

3309 Trade Goods I Stacked Sacks

3312 Trade Goods L Mixed Piles 

5717 Lipstix 

 8050 Wrecked Car

 8503 6cm Tyrewall Angled Section

3509 Wooden Jetty Catwalks
(I've also got some painted versions on sale here.)

3504 River Launch with Binacle Controls

5701 Box Containers

 5707 Wooden Crates Set II

SF1035 Hovercraft

Comparison figures are Copplestone Castings and Splintered Light Miniatures. I've added measurements for models I've finished. Let me know what you think.

These models can be found here: Cargo Hold, Spi-Fi, River Front, Tradegoods, Tyrewall, Car Park.


Killer B Games Price Adjustment

First GAFDOZ Display Model

We've got a price adjustment on Killer B's lines including: Geezers "Shut It!!!" 70's and 80's style police drama figures. Cops, civilians, and criminals are now $3 a pop. The Geezers rules and supplement Vice Palms are now $20 each.

The G.A.F.D.O.Z. line has also been adjusted. Prices vary of course, but the average figure is now $3.50 and larger figures are about $8.50 each.