May Previews One

I haven't been posting much here recently, sorry about that.

This week we have some upcoming sculpts to show off. Today's batch by Brian Cooke is what I'm tentatively calling Heroes of the Supernatural; including some random characters for modern horror gaming.

Modern Wizard-
Tall dude, a bit bigger than normal but one of Brian's most dynamic sculpts yet.
He should fit in well with Reaper's Chronoscope line.

Nicolas with Shotgun-
...and Jacket. There's not much else to say really.

Fashionable Girl-
Good for a random civie or supernatural investigator.

Arctic Arsonist-
Armed for bear.

These guys and the ones I'll be showing Wednesday will be available in about a month I believe. We still need to get some more stuff to fill out a master mold, some of which I might be showing off here next week.


Monty said...

Very nice figures Ben.

Vampifan said...

The magician figure reminds me so much of Pendragon, a drunken and cowardly mage who accompanied Vampirella in many of her early adventures. Only a geeky fanboy like me would make that connection!

I like them all and I'll be ordering them once they go on sale.

Ben Brooks said...

Thanks guys, hope you like the next batch as well.

Anonymous said...

Cool. We've needed a Dresden figure for quite a while.

Richard said...

It just struck me who the magician figure looks like, the vampire (or is his name Tesla?) on the TVs Sanctuary.

Anonymous said...

Unless i am gravely mistaken, the wiZard is based on harry dresden

Scott Messer said...
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Scott Messer said...

So Harry Dresden, Sam Winchester, Sookie Stackhouse, and R.J. MacReady walk into a bar...