Fall In

Hello again, we've finished packing for Fall-In and will be heading out tomorrow bringing as much as we can. And hey, remember these guys:

They've finally made it through the casting process and will be available at the show as well as some the first 15mm hardsuits and some alien eggs. I'll see about posting some painted pics if Wi-fi permits as the show goes on.


Releases October 17th, 2011

Unfortunately no pics for these as of this writing, but I've added a quite a few new items to the webstore:

GAFDOZ Scenario Pack 1: The Dragon Men of Hydrus $25 usd

RN011 HC Lancers in Casabet (6 models) $30 usd
RN012 Stradiot/Finetes w/Heart Shaped Shield (6 models) $30 usd
RN013 HI Pike at Ease w/ Sallets and Helmets (20 models) $36 usd
RN013 w/ steel pikes $39 usd
RN017 Lance/Spear in Skull caps (6 models) $30 usd
RN20 Mounted Officer and Standard in Morion (2 models) $10 usd

Elevated Sci-fi Hatch $2 usd
Ruins (4 corners) $12 usd
Large Cauldron $8 usd
Alien Statue $8 usd
Lava Base 40mm Square $4 usd
Ruin Base 40mm Square $5 usd
Ruin Base 50mm Square $6 usd

Slimeoid Grumpy $5 usd
Slimeoid Grumpy Clear Blue Resin $5 usd
Repairbot $1 usd
Nolek $3 usd
Cargobot $6 usd

And for those of you looking for appropriate figures for the holiday season our Lead Bones Santa with shotgun and zombie elves set is now only seven dollars. Finally, we'll be blowing out our remaining Ramshackle Games stock at Fall-In, Command Con, and Rock-Con for those of you who'll be at those shows.