November Sale and Fall-In News

Sorry to anyone put out, but we will not be attending Fall-In this year due to fall out from Hurricane Sandy.  However we have decided to open up the discount we were intending to have at the show to our online customers and potential customers. (hint, hint)

We're making all of our Tiger Miniatures, Trent Miniatures, and Hydra Miniatures 20% off through the end of November with a flat shipping rate of $5.00 in the United States. Tiger's Landsknechts and Dutch Colonials are 30%, and we have other sales going including a closeout on remaining Ramshackle Games things and Secret Weapon paints. Check it out.

So please stock up and help us get in new stuff and have new sculpts made. It's unlikely we're going to have a sale like this again anytime soon.



Afghan Regular Army Commission

So this is what I did for most of September:

It's an army of Tiger's Afghan regulars with some Pathan tribesmen backup.

Total: Two units of twelve cavalry, six units of twenty five regular infantry,
four mounted officers, and four units of twenty tribesmen. 

I might put up more pics later, but these were my favorites of the ones I took.
As always, let me know what you think. Tomorrow some con pics.


Rock-Con This Weekend

Sorry for the long silence, there's been alot of work over here on a large painting commission. Pics of that, Southern Front, and Rock-Con when we get back next week. In the meantime check out the front page of Recreationalconflict.com for our recent releases.