Civilians and Tiki's available now.

I've put up the civilians as packs here and as single figures here.

The packs include one with all eight figures with arm sprues for $18 and one with two copies of each body and one of each arm sprue so you can make both versions for $36. Singles are available for $2.50.

The tikis and fetishes are available as packs and singles here.

They are $2.50 each, $10 for a pack of four, or $18 for all eight currently available. I know I said they'd be a slight bit cheaper, but there is quite a bit of metal in some of these. They cost more to produce than our regular figures in fact.

We've also got three new Tiger Miniatures packs, 20th Century Naval figures based on the US Navy's "Sand Pebbles". And we've put up ProCreate Terrain putty at the bottom of the paints and tools page.

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