Trent Miniatures at Cold Wars

We'll be heading off to Cold Wars in a few days, and we will be carting a new manufacturer in the form of Trent Miniatures. Trent makes a bunch of nice little lines: Various Early Napoleonics, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical characters, Prehistorics, and so on.

We don't have everything yet and, baring a surprise set of packages, here is what we're going to be bringing to the show:

-DeeZee Miniatures-
2 Brontotherium F
3 Elasmotherium B
6 Elasmotherium young charging C
7 Wooly Rhino trotting C
8 Wooly Rhino charging C
9 Dire Wolf C
10 Cave Bear rearing C
11 Cave Bear prowling C
13 Smilodon pouncing D
14 Dinofelis D
15 Smilodon variant D
16 Crocodile C
17 Vultures E
19 Old Bull Bison C
20 Frisky Young Bison E
21 Tiger E
22 Prehistoric Crocodile E
23 Lion springing D
24 Hippopotamus C
25 Tigress A
Cave Bear attacking C

-Trent Newark Characters-
NC01 Prince Rupert A
NC04 Lady Godiva myth and reality E
NC05 King John A
NC06 Gonville Bromhead fact and film A
NC07 Maid Marion and Friar Tuck A
NC08 General Sikorski AA
NC09 Sir John Savage AA
NC10 King John bare headed A

-Caribbean Revolution-
CAR01 British Officers E
CAR03 Revolting Slaves with firearms B
CAR04 Revolting Slaves arms blanche A
NC05 Chasseurs des Irois B
NC06 Chasseurs Ste. Domingue B

-Trent SCI FI-
Synguree fighters I B
Synguree fighters II B

-French Revolutionary War Period-
FA01 FR foot artillery crew C
FA02 Fr horse art. Crew C
FA03 Gribeauval 12lb D
FA04 Gribeauval 8lb D
FA05 Gribeauval Howitzer E
FA06 Gribeauval Limber A
FA07 Gribeauval 4lb D

FCG01 Consular Garde Grenadier B
FCG02 Consular Garde Grenadier Command E

FL01 FR Ligne
FL02 FR Ligne march advance B
FL03 FR Ligne firing line B
FL04 FR Ligne 'scruffy' B
FL05 FR Ligne command E
FL06 FR Ligne
FL07 FR Ligne elite bearskin march B
FL08 FR Ligne
FL09 FR Ligne elite plumed bicorn march B
FL10 FR Ligne elite plumed bicorn firing lineB
FL11 FR Ligne command bis E

FC01 FR Dragoons B
FC02 FR Dragoons command B

FLE01 FR Legere center coy mirleton B
FLE02 FR Legere elite bearskin B
FLE03 Fr Legere command E
FLE04 FR Legere elite shako B
FLE05 FR Legere elite command shako B

Napoleon 1st consul 1800 A

HUS01 Officer in Colpack A

BC01 Hompesch mounted rifles B
BC02 Hompesch mounted offier A

MCP01 General Brune A
MCP02 General Lecourbe A
MCP04 General Humbert A

RU01 Musketeer Adv/Campaign B
RU02 Musketeer command E
RU03 Colonel mounted A
RU04 Grenadier adv B
RU05 Grenadier command E
RU06 Musketeer forage caps B

EQ03 Small Wheels 24mm dia. E
EQ04 Large Wheels 28mm dia. E
EQ06 Large Casks with stand C

-Irish Troubles '98-
IR'98 02 Irish Insurgents w/firearms B
IR'98 04 Irish Militia I C
IR'98 05 Highland Fencibles I C
IR'98 06 5th Bn 60th Foot C

Prices in USD.
AA 2.50
A 5.00
B 14.00
C 10.00
D 6.00
E 7.50
F 20.00

Hydra's restock and new stuff aren't here as of this posting. And though I'll bring our demo stuff for War Rocket I don't know that we'll have enough room to set it up.

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