Civilian Masters

A couple of days ago we got in a new box of masters in from the casters; soon we'll be
releasing some multipart modern civilians and some tikis/fetishes for pulp gaming.
Unfortunately the tikis are proving uncooperative when it comes to photography, so
they'll be up when I get them painted. Until then:

Top Left to Right: Girl with shopping bags/dual pistols,
Basketball Player with b-ball and energy drink/smg,
Skater with skateboard/sawn off shotgun,
Waitress with tray and towl/revolver.

Bottom Left to Right: Photographer with camera/sniper rifle,
Businessman with briefcase and cellphone/smg and bat
Businesswoman with cellphone and pda/shotgun,
Tourist with guidebook/rifle.

Here's a closer shot with just the bodies. You can see three of the four guys are a bit on
the tall side. :) They're sculpted by Brian Cooke.

I'm hoping to get some painted pics of these guys up in the next few days.
Estimated time of release is sometime around Cold Wars. I'm thinking they
could be sold as singles, a pack of one of each, and a pack of two of each body
with one set of weapons sprue. This should be the start of a busy year for us.


The Angry Lurker said...

Saw this on the LAF, excellent stuff and will have to get myself some of these.

Ben Brooks said...

Thanks. These have gotten a surprising amount of attention so far, let's hope it translates into sales. I'd love to have a nice line of civies available.

The European Historical Combat Guild said...

Any chance of doing multipart spec ops/PMCs the variety of kit used makes multi part figures ideal.

Ben Brooks said...

It's possible, but they would be aways out. Right now we're focusing more on civilians and side projects.