Stock Painting July 12th, 2011

Been a little longer than I wanted since the last one of these, so here's a big one.

The Stinger, painted to help promote Nuclear Renaissance's
boxed set. We're out of stock for this now unfortunately.

Ramstoat, also for the Nuclear Renaissance boxed set.

Lastly the Iron Grumber. Fresh painted this weekend.
Here with an old GW Ork for comparison.
My first thought was to go Blood Axe for the color scheme,
but nothing leapt to mind so Goff it was. :)
It's bigger than a GW Rhino for sure.
My only problems with the kit are that it just has one
access hatch and the smokestacks are really fragile.
Remnants of our stock can be found here.
(The Brass Coffin is out of stock as of this writing.)


Lord Siwoc said...

Being a Nuclear renaissance fan myself, I really like the paint job on these.

Well done mate!

Ben Brooks said...