28mm Sci-fi Skiff Display Workup

I was going to put up a store update today, but late last night we found we had a couple of packages still sitting on the front porch. One of which was the 28mm version of the skiff! This post includes the build of the display model, some comparisons, and a word on cast quality.

Here are the components; each kit includes two railings, a
control stick, chair, body, and engine cowling.
Body dimensions are 185mm spar to end of railings and 50mm wide.
Passenger compartment is 80mm by 35mm.

I'll come back to this again, but you'll notice some filled in areas. My
policy is to take the worst cast items to fix up and paint for display.
Casts we send to customers will be of better quality.

On to the assembly. Glue the joystick to the cowling console,
and then glue the cowling to the body. Easy enough.

The fiddliest bit is glueing the railings on. The holes on either
side of the console were where you plugged the old resin
railings into the cowling so just ignore them.
Also make sure the railings are straight before you glue them on.
They are robust enough once glued in, but being thin can be bent
easily unsupported.

You can glue the chair in at this point. However, I'd suggest leaving
it off for painting if you want to use it. (It's intended primarily as a
rest for standing pilots.)

Here is a comparison shot with some popular Martian lines.
From left to right: Parroom Station, Bronze Age, and RAFM Space 1889.
The skiff is designed to reasonably carry light cargo or up to six passengers.
It will only hold two or three figures on 25-30mm bases however.

Finally a note about casting quality. The picture below represents
the worst quality we'll be sending out.
Imperfections in this batch of castings are minor and almost
entirely on the underside of the body. Most will be easily taken
care of with a drop of glue or a good coat of paint. We just
wanted to be upfront with this as I know it will be an issue for
some people.

Thanks for looking. The skiff will be available this Tuesday for a price of $20 USD. We will also be offering and assembled and primed versions for $25 USD in either black or white.

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