Releases June 26th, 2011

We've finally gotten in a restock of our 28mm Hardsuit in metal.
$10 USD for each multipart kit or a unit of 5 for $45 USD.
They do not currently come with bases.
We also have new retro sci-fi terrain bits from Frozen Planet.
The two doors are available with the door and frame separate
and as single piece castings.

Retro Sci-fi Door 01
$3 USD each.
Reverse side is flat.
Retro Sci-fi Door 02
$3 USD each.
Reverse side is flat.
Retro Sci-fi Hatch
$1.50 USD each.
Retro Sci-fi Buttress
$3 USD each.
Slimeoid in regular or clear blue resin.
$6 USD each.
The Hardsuit is available to order here.
Frozen Planet's terrain pieces are available on this page.
We also have plastic bases from Cavalcade Wargames available here.

And don't forget to take a look at all the other cool stuff we have in our online store.

Have fun.

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