Cold Wars 2011 Vendor/Stuff Pics

For the next couple of days we'll have some belated picture posts from a few of the conventions we've been to this year. Today is Cold Wars.

The booth as you come down the aisle from the vendor barn entrance.
In the center is Hydra Miniatures, on the right is Trent Miniatures.
From left to right: Ramshackle and sci-fi displays, Vallejo paints, rules
and some of my painted terrain and stuff.
The Tiger displays.
Something I found in the flea market. I really like the
looks of hex terrain though I never use it.
It was made by Scott Calkins who has a sideline making
terrain. He does some nice work. So if you need something
like that contact him: muzzlepaint at yahoo dot com
And the two bases together.
Something else neat. Apparently it's a kit from a company in
England that the seller couldn't remember. (of course :) ) If
it's yours let us know.

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