Hydra Sale, Clearance, and New Stuff

 Unfortunately Hydra Miniatures hasn't been doing well for us over the last year and we need to free up some cash for sculpting projects, so we're offering 30% off on our remaining stock. We love Matt's figures though and we'll be looking into carrying his stuff again when he releases his next rule book.

In related news I've put up a new Clearance section to house all the oddments we're wanting to sell off. Stuff that we could only sell at conventions, old lines we still have bits and pieces of, and so on. Right now we have the last bits of Ramshackle, and coming soon will be Rebel Minis moderns and Romans, as well as Splintered Light Ancients, Bronze Age, Cannon Fodder, and some 28mm naval guns and accessories.

Speaking of which new Tiger Miniatures naval equipment and mounties are up along with most of the remaining painted terrain I hadn't put up yet. Also new is our buying back into Wargames Factory with it's new management, expect individual frames and Dreamforge Games to be put up in the near future.

Thanks for your interest and hope to see you at CincyCon.


Jay said...

Sorry to hear Hydra is having problems. Wondering though if there's some issues with distribution. I had my FLGS order some more than 2 months ago and the order is still unfulfilled. I hope they can turn things around!

Ben Brooks said...

Actually we've never had problems with Hydra, it just hasn't been selling well. Ask your FLGS if he ordered directly or through a distributor. Matt's always been very good to us.