Stock Painting 08/09/2012

Moar zombeh.

Didn't get a chance to finish the last two today, they'll be up Friday as we won't be opening the store today. We're going on a day trip. :)

Zomb02- Skewered Vicar 

Zomb03- She Was the Sheriff 

Zomb06- Sister Mary 

Zomb07- Altar Boy 

Zomb08- Thin Lizzie

The models are already available in the webstore, just not with these pics next to them.
$2.50 USD each, or $36 USD for all sixteen in the Crate o' Zombies.

Have a nice day.


Vampifan said...

More zombie goodness! I really love the priest. The impaling cross makes him stand out from the crowd.

Brian Cooke said...

Pretty good paint jobs, Ben :)