Early 2012 Cons Pt. 2

Probably one of the more interesting tables at Little Wars was one just across from us that was deck out in natural materials including real water and tadpoles swimming around it.

Pulp games don't tend to be the highest quality in terms of painting, but there is certainly alot of inventiveness going on. 

WWII was well represented as usual, but these stood out to me.

This is probably the game that got the most buzz from Little Wars. They probably could have left the "all my toys" beach landing at home and still gotten alot of attention for the unique sub-pen below.


Clint said...

Thanks for sharing. It's really great to see shows in different countries as yuo can usually see something which grabs your attention.

Ben Brooks said...

No problem. I'm trying to do a bit more coverage of convention games, but I often don't seem to be there when the cool games are going on. :)

I figure I got one more post with some stuff from the Seven Years War Association show and I think one or two pics from Cold Wars.