Something Arrives From Britain

As you might know we've become a stockist for Ainsty Castings in the US. They carry a wide variety of terrain from scatter terrain, and vehicles, to big modular pieces for buildings and dungeons of a similar type to Dwarven Forge's offerings. They produce so much in fact that we can't really afford to bring it all over at once. So with Ainsty's recommendations we're bringing over a selection of just over one hundred of his best sellers to start with.

This starter wave will arrive in three shipments over the next month or so, the first of which can be seen here in the webstore. Please take a look at what's available and what's coming soon. If you have anything you really want from Ainsty that's not available yet or won't be in the first wave, please feel free to let us know and we'll work something out.

Here's to a busy New Year.

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