Diecast Pulp Cars

We always look for interesting things to carry or produce here at Recreational Conflict, especially things that support the lines we already have.. Recently we've found a supply of Lledo Days Gone By cars and trucks appropriate for Interwar and Pulp type games. Mostly in 28mm though we have a few 15-20mm sized trucks and buses. They did pretty well for us at the Fall-In show, and again when we put them up online a week or two back. And yes, I know, I need to update here more often.

We have close to three dozen models available so take a look. Stock levels will vary considerably as these models are out of print (at least as far as I can tell) and we're limited to what we can find. Here's a couple of comparison pics from the site:

Update: Size comparison pics for the Lledo vehicles have been moved here. There are now some pictures for the 15mm and 20mm sized vehicles.

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