Release Update

I'll start posting some more pics of products and things later in the week. I know it's been a little bit since I last updated.

Anyone who's kept track of us before knows we've got a few models that have been in production for an unusual amount of time. Two vehicles, a flying skiff in the style of Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom, a disk shaped fighter craft, and the deep diver hardsuit.

The bottleneck has been our caster who, while a nice and apparently hardworking individual, has decided that his time is better spent working in the jewelry market. While I can't blame him for this (heck I agree with him that jewelry is probably much more lucrative than miniatures) the fact that he waited so long, hanging onto our masters for twelve or so months without producing any worthwhile numbers of any of these models is a real kick in the teeth. Especially since he only told us this at Fall-In, where he promised to deliver the agreed upon amounts in full.

So now we're looking at getting Old Glory Shipyards to do the resin casting, and potentially doing the hardsuit all in metal, which will solve the resin casting problems that have plagued it's production. Of course that will raise the cost, and make the models a little harder to work with.

That's where we are with these models now, and they're in the hands of people we know will get them done at least. We have a number of Hardsuits available now, but I don't know if we'll be offering the fighter or the skiff until next year.

And next year should be much better for releases. We've got several packs planned for Lead Bones (with one about to be sent in for molding) as well as more vehicles, and the beginning of a terrain line. We've got more plans of course, but nothing definite yet.

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