Painted Santa Sets In!

We've been a little busy getting ready for two shows in a row; Rock-Con and Fall-In. However we're happy to announce we've got the Santa's ready to go and have pics of the pre-painted ones above. They'll be priced at $18 a set ($10 a set unpainted) and should be just the thing for some Holiday horror themed gaming.

Check em' out here.

Also, between now and the show(s) I intend to post some pics of other painted stuff we'll have for sale, including a couple of Ramshackle Games Boring Machines and an Acheson Creations Dead Sauropod I just finished today. It's a monster, and I think I'm going to have problems taking good pics of it.

And speaking of conventions, if you're GMing a modern horror (re: zombie) game at either of the aforementioned upcoming conventions send me an email at wolfgangbrooks at gmail and we'll see if we can get you some prize support for your game.

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